Our Story.

WaiTek Industries is a start-up company created by a group of entrepreneurial teenagers who were given the opportunity to run a business of their very own. With this business, we wanted to do something worth carrying on past school and eventually, we found a product to do so.


WaiTek industries are developing a device that uses active and passive noise-cancelling tech to help people struggling with auditory overload, which is a condition commonly associated with autism, anxiety, depression and many other mental health disorders. Included in this product are small microphones located on the left and right side of some sleek-looking headphones and plugged into a phone of your choice, all the microphones can be controlled by a phone app. The microphones enable the person to listen in to a certain part of the world whilst the rest of the world is muffled around them. Meaning people with Auditory overload can be a part of everyday life without the stress of their condition looming over them.