WORDs FRom Waitek 

Our ceo...

My name is Sophie Guptill, I am the CEO of WaiTek Industries and have experience in mental health and music with a focus on sound/audio engineering. My hunger for knowledge, determination and leadership has turned information into action and has contributed to some of my success as a student and community member. It's that success and drive that my whole team has that will make WaiTek a great company. I will be leading the fight with my amazing team to help people with auditory overload cope with the stresses of the world with their condition.

Our CFO...

Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m the CFO of Waitek. I have just recently joined WaiTek and I have an interest in mental health and how it affects people's everyday life.I was born in New Zealand but I grew up in multiple countries as I traveled most of my childhood, I decided to join WaiTek because I feel like it’s addressing an issue that isn’t well known and because it’s goal at the end of the day is to help people, WaiTek is also an opportunity to explore further into the business world and gain new experiences.

Our Communicator

Olá, my name is Eduardo but people usually call me “Eddie”. I recently joined WaiTek because I really liked the idea of helping people with disabilities. A bit about myself, I was born in Portugal and have lived in several countries throughout the years. I really enjoy business because it has endless opportunities, it can improve everyone’s lives and many jobs and communities for the better.

 Our COO

Hi, I’m Haide Malinao and it is pronounced as hydee or hay-dee. I am the COO of WaiTek and I like writing reports/emails. I am a quiet person and as much as possible cautious about decision making.  I joined WaiTek because I wanted to do a better product than last year and I have learned so much from it. Business opens a lot of opportunities for me. The fact that our product can change/help a person’s life makes me enthusiastic which I am super keen on working for.

Our marketer

Hey, My name is Kaylee and I'm the marketing manager for WaiTek. I am a creative soul at heart and absolutely love graphic design and designing products. I joined WaiTek because I was looking for a new path to explore and that path was business. I found myself almost instantly absolutely loving it, even if it may be a lot of work and there is no end to the number of opportunities it can open up to not only me but all the members of WaiTek and I can’t wait to see where WaiTek goes in the future!