Do you or someone you know suffer from auditory overload?

An estimated 242,000 people, or 5% of New Zealanders, are experiencing psychological and/or psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression, and a further 80,000 New Zealanders have some form of Autism. Over half of these people experience sensory overload, the most common being auditory overload.  Auditory overload basically means that your brain can't keep up with the amount of sensory information it receives. A symptom of auditory overload is the inability to concentrate on a task or speaker when there are noises in the background. There are no ways of letting a person with auditory overload keep up with the amount of sensory information it receives, meaning that people with auditory overload usually wear big bulky headphones, this, in turn, means they can’t participate in many normal activities like talking to someone or going to the mall. 

If you or someone you know suffers from auditory overload, here are some links for extra support:

1- WaiTek Industries

2- Autism New Zealand

3- Sound Skills

4- Mental Health NZ